Art - a Living Concept at Premier Pearl


"The Premier Pearl Hotel is a home to countless stories of visitors and guests passing through. We hope our illustrations are able to capture the unique gestures, shapes and spirit of hotel life"

Nguyen Hoang Phi and Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

Art Landscape Series

Art is our landscape, the Premier Pearl hotel will transform into a living gallery of interesting and pioneering Vietnamese abstract art. We invite you to explore, discover and to lose yourself in this unique collection.

Artists in Residence

Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh

Chromadelic Vietnamese abstract artists Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh will be our first guest artists, and will bring light and colour to the hotel, with their latest exhibition which will include a variety of striking and original works.

Influenced by the colors and shapes of the 21st century, Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh create colored resin layers with dazzling neon colors based on rare natural pigments. They will use this technique to capture the unique spirit of the hotel through a series of thoughtful observational pieces.

Meet Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh

“Art does not reproduce the tangible; it makes tangible. "

The multi-talented artists Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh are Vietnamese illustrators, and creative director and professor at Kingdom Art. Their works are regularly on display at the Paris Fashion Illustration Gallery and they have recently honored to be invited by King of Morocco to create art with the King as inspiration. We are delighted to welcome them as our own artists at the hotel.

Art (2)

Experts at work….

When Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh create their works, our hotel becomes the studio and you can witness them creatively recording the warm gestures of the waiters, and the day to day operations of the hotel and its wonderful surroundings.

For Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh, expressions and personalities make up a unique story about hotel life, that they beautifully capture through their observational sketches

Art of showing Hoang Phi and Ngoc Anh are renowned for their timeless, romantic paintings and sketches. Their distinctive style is defined by quick and sophisticated brushstrokes, emphasizing the gestures, looks and attitudes of the subject they are depicting.

We can't wait to see what they create at our hotel. Please join us at Premier Pearl Vung tau's lobby level commencing April 2021.