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SkyEden Rooftop Bar (Coming Soon)

Award-winning mixology is meant to be enjoyed and experienced in the proper fashion. Let the SkyEden Rooftop Bar enclave of rich textures and hues mesmerize you with waves of exotic cocktails. The bar offers three distinct areas: the cocktail & Champagne, Skydeck and infinitive pool bar.

The name "SkyEden" inspired by" the story of Eden echoes the Mesopotamian myth of a king, as a primordial man, who is placed in a divine garden to guard the Tree of Life", featured in the bar’s distinctive design. This same beauty goes into every cocktail item and how they are each prepared and presented.

What is really breathtaking are the Pop and Hip-hop/Rap-style shows of craze and unforgettable wild nights. Booking a table or VIP Guestlist with us will offer you an impeccable service. Amazing live performances from dancers, burlesque, well-known singers and even pyrotechnics, all set there to enjoy.

Bringing unparalleled elegance to the city’s social scene, this is the perfect place for sunset cocktails and late-night drinks, featuring the dramatic backdrop of East Sea's skyline, with panoramic views to city' iconic landmarks or grand Ocean.


Hotel Rooftop

Opening Hour:

From 18:00 to Midnight


120 seats

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Nightlife at SkyEden

In this unusual and crazy atmosphere, the music is always ahead of the trends, boasting what is hot and new and whatever you hear in SkyEden Vung Tau will be hitting the charts, there’s no doubt about that. Because of the amazingly good setup, the music can be heard in every corner of the venue, and the quality is just superb. If you need a great sound experience, look no further. The lights are also perfect: very flattering, not too harsh for sensitive eyes, and ideal for the music.

Let your nights come alive. Within the allure of the iconic Premier Pearl, happy hour is all about music, and of course, dancing well into the morning to house, hip-hop and rock. With over 800 sm of architecture at its boldest, the look, sound and high-profile guest list all fuse into the ultimate ultra-exclusive club experience.

SkyEden Rooftop Bar cranks out a custom playlist like no other bar , including live performances by artists who are reshaping today’s music. Mix, mingle and find your favorite spot along three full-service bars while our mixologists prepare your drink from rare champagnes, sought-after spirits to time-honoured classic cocktails. with panache and precision. This is a unique local skybar of this kind, with event themes for all tastes and shows. You will find everything from hip-hop to dance music and the different performers that will make the best out of every night.

Sky Eden dress code guidelines are glam and sexy in heels for the ladies. However, for gentlemen, the style would come well dressed with elegant shoes.

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Sunrise at SkyEden

Enjoy an unforgettable bottomless breakfast at Vung Tau's highest hotel bar, SkyEden. Watch the sun rise in style and set the scene for an memorable breakfast experience in the clouds, with traditional Asian breakfast and sweet delights served in Asian inspired Bento boxes alongside bottomless breakfast cocktails including Espresso Martinis, Bloody Marys and Peach Bellinis.

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Afternoon Tea

Opening Hours:

12:00PM - 17:00PM

The outdoor tables are limited, Should you make a request for a space of the rooftop, please be advised that while our team will always do their best to grant requests, this may not always be possible.

The most celebrated of Vietnamese pastimes, treat someone special to our award-winning afternoon tea experience, in the majestic setting of SkyEden. If you’re looking for the perfect Vung Tau day out, we’d say afternoon tea and views from the hotel's rooftop make for a pretty unmissable combination. You can tuck into luxury sweet and savoury treats with our drink list at the rooftop or head slightly further afield to mix up the views - take a look at all our afternoon teas in the hotel for inspiration

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