Premier Pearl Vung Tau Beach Hotel


"Premier Pearl is in a wonderful location offering exhilarating and continual views of ocean's skyline from floor - to - ceiling windows, a strong sense of place and a very Vietnamese charm. True luxury is invisible. At Premier Pearl, you find it in the allure, tranquility and prestige of the hotel and in the seamless service provided by our dedicated staff. Nothing is left to chance and every small detail is necessary."

Nguyen Van Cuong
Chief Executive Officer


Beyond the rest

Located in the crave zip code of 78000, amongst the best of everything. Premier Pearl stands boastfully on the most refined avenue of ( Bai Sau ) Back Beach, widely considered to be one of the best avenues worldwide, with a view of ocean skyline and the city of sunshines.

Beyond the rest, in every way imaginable, everything you could want to know of coastal city is within walking distance of Premier Pearl


Since 2006, Kieu Anh Hotel has become our first hotel in Vung Tau to provide amenities for hospitality services - our heritage has been deeply rooted in the historic structure of the coastal city.

Our hotels are the timeless living elements that have helped shape the histories of its respective location. Each one has a unique story to tell, they represent the past and present, the quality and style of the city, and most importantly - their people.

Brought together as part of Kieu Anh Hotel Group family , Premier Pearl now is proud to be one of our iconic hotels.


The ocean skyline and all of Vung Tau await to be seen.

Select to gaze at prospering Coconut park or the bustle of back beach, the lively beauty of traditional streets where the dynamic activities of daily life play out. Choose to gaze at the leafy grandeur of the Nui Nho( small mountain), where statue of god with open arms stands, the finest monument of city. The ever-changing light, the breathtaking panorama replete with famous monuments alongside the bliss of sun, wind and sea. Pick to gaze out at the skyline, the martyrs monument, the hallmark of heroic city. Or look inwards for peace, for serenity, for a moment of your own.

The city’s landscape evolves around us, providing an endlessly glamorous and vibrant view. But the sun still hits the windows with a very particular sheen. Vung Tau’s modern beauty always shines through.

Beyond these, You’re in the centre of this famous beach city, but the view is fresh. Kings and queens have admired this view, and now it’s yours.


"For our people, for our clienteles philosophy " is at the heart of everything we do and our guests are always the heart of Premier Pearl hotel. We are very proud of our opulent interiors and lavish furnishings but our people are the real grounds guests return to Premier Pearl through their commitment to impeccable service.

Feel at home as soon as you arrive ─ be a part of our Premier Pearl family, whatever your story is. In a world with rapid technological advancement, we focus on cherishing one-to-one relationships and executing by our core human values ​​in all of our operations: we focus on

  • We support diversity and incorporation
  • We work with sentiment and compassion
  • We encourage creativity
  • We take responsibility
  • We are constantly learning
  • We work as a team


Premier Pearl is a member of Kieu Anh Hospitality Group, managed by an experienced team led by CEO Nguyen Van Cuong, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of hotel management, especially the talented General Manager and his relentless passion for hotels, who continually ensured the group's success in establishing itself as a leading participant in the luxury hotel market after KHG was founded since 2006.

An avid hotelier and gifted top managers are the ultimate executors of the group's culture and business values.


We are a team of people representing people around Viet Nam, who love what we do and concern exceedingly for our guests and communities – it’s our staff who receive the most compliments from guests. With the exceptional satisfaction of our staff members, we continue to look for processes to improve Premier Pearl experience for our people – and our guests.

KHG Code of Conduct sets out our key method of practicing, including our commitment to non-discrimination, diversity and equal opportunities.

Corporate responsibility

Premier Pearl recognizes our impact on society, the economy and the planet, and at the same time we are committed to making a positive difference in the places where we operate.

We run corporate responsibility through fair treatment of our employees, meeting the needs of our guests, and ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

We do not accept any form of discrimination.